Meeting Lists

The more meetings you field, the more you need SALESBAG™.

Handling multiple clients with unique and specific needs is difficult for even the most well organized sales pro. With moving targets like scheduling and changes in agenda, keeping it all straight can be a serious brain teaser. Enter SALESBAG™.

  • Keep meetings organized in an easy-to-review list format, with seperate lists available for upcoming and past meetings
  • Easily add and edit attendees from your Contacts
  • Quickly and easily make changes to date and time using the native multi-touch functionality of the iPad 
  • Add an agenda or select from existing library of uploads



Keep track of all your moving targets.


Integrated with the meetings functionality, the calendar provides visual representation of your schedule by day, week, and month.

  • Schedule sales meetings right from the calendar view 
  • See all of your calendars (personal & SALESBAG™) in one consolidated location
  • Check your availability quickly with a complete view of your schedule



A name and number only gets you so far.


SALESBAG™ provides you with the flexibility you need to convert your old system of scribbling details on the back of business cards into a new system of usable digital assets.

  • Easily access standard contact information including name, company name, phone, email, and birthday
  • Get up to speed quickly by automatically seeing when you last met with the contact and any notes from the meeting
  • Provide additional details such as spouse, children (names & ages), or create custom fields


Marketing Docs Shot

Become so good at hitting curve-balls that you'll start looking forward to them.

SALESBAG™ will make digging around to find information that “you know you’ve got somewhere” a thing of the past.

  • Always have the most current materials, in their strongest presentation format (video, slides, documents, inforgraphics) at your fingertips
  • Easily keep track of approved materials for many different clients and products
  • Be prepared for everything a client might throw at you



Followup-TasksMinimize the busywork and focus on what you do best.

Sometimes there’s only a short amount of time between meetings to remember what the previous client needed and to execute on it. With a simple touch screen interface, you can log meeting activity and accurately capture next steps - freeing you up to confidently focus on the next challenge.

  • In the context of each meeting, access tools to schedule the next meeting, provide a quick meeting review, capture follow-up activities, and provide a quick assessment before you're off to your next appointment
  • Remind yourself and your Sales partner(s) of tasks via email so nothing falls through the cracks
  • Quickly rate and categorize meetings by audience reaction and priority
  • Use the touch-style "quick notes" to eliminate unnecessary typing